Training modules moved to new project and team

Training modules moved to new project and team

First versions of training OpenERP modules were developed by OpenERP S.A. and AJM Technologies S.A. An “special” version of the openerp-server was required for run this first version of training modules, so they could not be installed in an standard OpenERP server v5 or v6.
For this reason, Zikzakmedia created a training fork project some months ago. We have cleaned code to work with version 5 of openerp-server. Later, we migrated these modules to version 6 openerp-server.
This code was available in addons-extra of v5 and v6 respectively. We started only migrating 3 modules and now there are available 16 news modules (multishchool, dining-hall, e-learning app, …). Also, in this time we have cleaned, fixed and added new features in training base modules.
Now, we think that a new community project is necessary.
  1. Independent community project: Better visibility, everyone can access to project.
  2. Any-person interested in training management could have permissions to publish (only few members can publish code at addons-extra).
  3. Easily publication of code in a branch for testing new features, fixing, …
  4. One project for training modules to join efforts. Not a lot of branches scattered in different projects.
  5. Having their own translations, blueprints, bugs, …
More information:
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